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Technical Writer/Procurement Liaison

California born, Brian was raised in Idaho, lived in Arizona long enough to call it home, and wandered Latin America and Europe (living in Costa Rica and Spain for a time) but finally returned to California almost ten years ago.

Before coming to Mother Earth, Brian collaborated with city, state and tribal governments to write public health emergency response plans for county government in northern Arizona, a job that took him all around the state and, every now and then, found himself having lunch on the edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. As a social scientist he studied and published his work on local knowledge of endangered beluga whales in Alaska. Later with NOAA Fisheries, he researched management policy impacts on commercial trawl fishing all along the North Coast of California and served as contributing author on the 5-year program review. Other published works can be found lurking around the internet from Amazon to the occasional movie news website.    

Since joining Mother Earth, he has enjoyed applying his skills and more than a few new ones to licensing and procurement projects for this ever-growing company. When not in the office, Brian is working on several short story and book projects, typing away on one of his snowballing collection of vintage typewriters, in varied states of restoration.