Risa was born in Yokohama, Japan and grew up on the central California coast in Santa Cruz, where she obtained her Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and Biology. Throughout her studies and beyond, Risa has sought opportunities to develop herself as an environmental scientist and biologist in the field. She has collaborated on projects ranging from improving water use efficiency and drainage to assessing biological communities in a large range of habitats.

 Risa dedicated several years towards rural property development and ecological design practices, and holds a passion for botany, sustainability, and guiding positive stewardship in her environment. Her studies and training in the field have developed a solid foundation in using field data to implement best management practices.

 Risa is thrilled to combine her skillsets and passions with Mother Earth Engineering in providing positive solutions to her new community here in Humboldt County. In her free time, Risa enjoys being outdoors in the form of hiking, botanizing, foraging for edible mushrooms, practicing martial arts, playing soccer, and running with her dog, Mika.