SENIOR Project manager

Trillian spent his early years in Arcata — building forts in redwoods, swimming in the six rivers, and playing on the beaches of the North Coast. His strong connection to the region has lasted throughout his life and is dedicated to helping local cultivators succeed as the industry evolves.

With 10+ years of working in and around Northern California’s cannabis economy, he is very much looking forward to helping farmers next steps into legality, and is passionate about ensuring there is room at the table for those who have brought this industry so far.

Seeing an opportunity to bring Humboldt and Mendocino’s medicine to the Bay Area, Trillian began distributing to dispensaries in Oakland and San Francisco when he was 20. It was then he began to understand regulatory nuances associated with the industry and began strategizing with local farms to expand their footprint in the medicinal market. In 2008 he enrolled in Humboldt State’s Business Administration program and began work in the hills, where he refined his abilities as a cultivator.

Trillian later finished his degree at San Francisco State and started working as an Agriculture and Energy Analyst in San Francisco. There he collaborated directly with corporate executive teams, investor relations officers, and treasuries to strategize solutions to their most complex financial questions. He finished his tenure in finance by focusing on the energy economy; specifically the impact that renewables, energy storage, off-grid technologies, and electric vehicles are having on the energy industry.

Trillian envisions his family’s future in Humboldt and is thrilled to be Mother Earth Engineering’s Senior Project Manager. He sees Mother Earth as a crucial partner for farms taking their next steps, and he is passionate about making sure the region’s economy sustains itself as it moves into the future.